Path of Exile Ultimatum League stats released, showing high player activity


Path of Exile Ultimatum League stats released, showing high player activity.

Based on some stats bestowed by the devs, players have been very active in the Path of Exile Ultimatum League. The data presented exhibits that thousands of Ultimatum confrontations took place across all levels, with some relatively high completion times in total except for the level 78+ section, which consults Wave 10 completion merely over 60%.

More profound breakdowns are compiled in a presentation, like confrontation types and their completion times and failure times of each modifier.

The ARPG has shared data for those to read. It’s a small patch associated with others with a list of fixes and improvements to the Hateforge gloves and some brainstorming of calculation and snapshotting problems. Lastly, a complete ream of community asks about the game’s features was answered this week and last week.

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