Path of Exile Scourge Expansion Info Has Been Released By Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile Scourge Expansion

Path of Exile Scourge Expansion Info Has Been Released By Grinding Gear Games.

Path of Exile: Scourge will be releasing soon, and Grinding Gear Games recently hosted a particular stream to share some info on what Path of Exile fans’ can anticipate for the brand new expansion.

In Scourge, you’ll be able to insert a Blood Crucible within your body, a mechanism that is initiated through collecting a sufficient amount of monster blood. Once you initiate it, you’ll be capable of traveling to a lateral Wraeclast. Of course, the more you stay, the more damage you’ll endure, so you will want to keep track of the time you use challenging The Scourge, demons that have infected the place.

But that’s not all, with items you can embed to assimilate from when you defeat a Scourge. Once it has been filled, it will convert, and you will obtain two modifiers, one with a positive effect and one with a negative effect. For example, a few mods might increase the conditions of an item by a bunch, formulate stat debuffs, disable particular damage capabilities, etc. In contrast, good mods can assist you in many ways. 

You can also scourge and convert your gear about three times in order to have the chance of obtaining more valuable mods and an effective balance. There are also a bunch of Tainted items that will assist in modifying corrupted items. Finally, in your time spent fighting the Scourge, you will be capable of leveling up your Blood Crucible if you do it efficiently. This will give you passive skill points, unlocking up some brand new paths for your characters through a demon-slaying party.

The Blood Crucible has one last surprise. You can set maps in it. Maps will assimilate corruption and convert similarly to equipment, with positive and negative effects. However, corrupting your maps can change the Scourge on that map in many ways. It might benefit you, or it might make it a colossal horror.

Path of Exile: Scourge will be releasing on October 22nd for PC and October 27th for consoles. 


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