Path of Exile Release Stats From Harvest League Update

Path of Exile Releases Stats From Harvest League Update. 

How many horrible beasts have Path of Exiles players Grown in the most recent to date Harvest expansion? Billions, one for every two people on Earth. Placing it this way nearly seems incredible what couple wouldn’t like a slavering hellspawn instead of a pet?

Seeds came in 4 tiers, and a recent post tells us that the lowest-tier seeds dropped more than three billion times, including 368,899,226 of the most common kind. Around 118 million Tier 2 seeds are from slaying Tier 1 monster, 14 million Tier 3’s are from killing Tier 2’s, as well as a modest 1,077,508 Tier 4’s from killing Tier 3’s.

Meanwhile, there were the usual amount of challenges for players to overcome in the brand-new league, with prizes that were provided for completing 12, 24. Also, 36 of the difficulties Four weeks right into the league, 16.3% of players completed the original set of 12 challenges, 1.68% made it to 24, and just 0.38% managed to finish 36 or more. That’s still higher than the 0.23% that finished 36 obstacles for the last league, Delirium, which Grinding gear Games attribute to Harvest providing a portal effect, something the previous league did not.

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