Path of Exile Patches Fix Bugs and Address Instance Crash


Path of Exile Patches Fix Bugs and Address Instance Crash. 

A new couple of Path of Exile patches addresses some bugs and crashes. The first patch, 3.13.0c, fixes a few bugs and includes a common instance crash fix,

  • Fixed a bug where Zana could block picking up items after the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds fight.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crimson Temple Map and Colonnade Map’s bosses could teleport out Ritual encounters.
  • Fixed a common instance crash.

The second patch is much smaller as it’s only a hotfix. This hotfix fixes a bug where some totem damage modifiers weren’t being applied correctly. Hopefully, if you encountered this issue, it’s been addressed for you.

These are the first few in what will most likely be several updates to Path of Exile following the recent release of their latest expansion, Echoes of the Atlas. Grinding Gear Games announced that the Atlas’ Echoes is the most successful expansion they’ve ever released for Path of Exile. 

Chris Wilson, the co-founder of GGG, stated,

“Echoes of the Atlas has been Path of Exile’s most successful expansion so far. We are so pleased to still be setting new player number records after over 30 quarterly league releases since 2013. It shows us that our development methodologies are evolving in the right direction as we work towards completing Path of Exile 2.”

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