Path of Exile Harvest Crafting New Plan Released


Path of Exile Harvest Crafting New Plan Released. 

Grinding Gear Games, the studio that works on Path of Exile, have shown off their ideas for a brand new Harvest Crafting system.

They start by declaring that they will be making a bunch more changes to Harvest Crafting with 3.14.0 due to concerns of how “deterministic” some crafts are. Plus, they’re worried about how efficiently people can craft almost perfect items.

To that end, the team explains their original plan with Path of Exile Harvest Crafting and how they infused it into the core game in 3.13. Later examination of this integration showed that players felt pretty puzzled with the abundance of crafting options available. They also felt frustrated that the only method to obtain the “best” items was to join a trading discord.

To that end, the team sketched out several changes in 3.14. Some of these modifications include how only specific seeds will give an instance of that seed’s craft. Also, they touched on mods,

  • Crafts that join mods of specific types (like Physical Modifiers, for example) to items can now only be implemented to non-influenced items, besides for the current mod that implements an influenced mod to an influenced item.
  • The possibility of confronting a portal to the Sacred Grove in a map has been raised by 60%.

Lastly, the Heart of Grove encounter will now be a map part that sometimes gives Tier 4 Harvest boss drops.

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