Path Of Exile Expedition Is Now Live, It Introduces Major Rebalance And Battle Royale


Path Of Exile Expedition Is Now Live, It Introduces Major Rebalance And Battle Royale.

Path of Exile’s newest league/expansion, Expedition, has recently been released on PC and Mac, with a console release arriving on July 28. this brand new league sends you on a search for lost artifacts from the long-long past, digging them up and obtaining their riches. Nineteen brand new skill gems are meant to aid each of the game’s Ascendancy classes but giving a broad range of build opportunities for every class.

But wait, there’s more. The most significant game-wide change is an extensive rebalancing work that changes various support gems and makes significant adjustments to how flasks act. Grinding Gear Games talked about this in a lengthy blog post last week, but this most likely means you’ll have to make a bunch of adjustments to your play style in the following days and weeks.

And then there’s Path of Exile Royale, which will be open on weekends from now on. The battle royale mode was initially an April Fools’ joke in 2018 and stayed around for some days, but now it has returned with a more useful UI, a brand new passive skill tree, leader boards, and more polished gameplay.

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