Path of Exile Expedition Expansion Will Be Released On July 23rd To PC


Path of Exile Expedition Expansion Will Be Released On July 23rd To PC.

Path of Exile’s brand expansion has been unveiled. Named Expedition, the Expansion introduces NPC traders, base item types, brand new gameplay, and even more. Path of Exile Expedition will observe players joining the Kalguuran expedition, with players having to unearth relics and fight back the undead. In addition, strike deals with the brand new merchants in Wraeclast.

Path of Exile Expedition also sees 19 brand new support and skill gems found in Wraeclast. In addition, the trailer reveals a few abilities, which comprise the area-of-effect skill, Spectral Helix, or the Explosive Concoction. 

The Expedition also includes huge balance adjustments, and a revamp of the flask system. Players will also find logbooks that can be created to improve the power and the level of the prize you’ll obtain. You can take a look at the official Path of Exile: Expedition trailer below.

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