Path Of Exile ExileCon Returns As Well As Some More Info Regarding 2023 Plans In A Brand-New Forums Post

Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile ExileCon Returns As Well As Some More Info Regarding 2023 Plans In A Brand-New Forums Post.

Path Of Exile is set to be having an eventful 2023 with its upcoming expansions as well as the return of its fan event ExileCon in Auckland, New Zealand. The developer has described what players can wish to see in the subsequent few expansions and when the event happens.

First, ExileCon 2023 will be happening on July 29th and 30th in Auckland, New Zealand, where Grinding Gear Games is located. The first ExileCon happened in 2019 and saw GGG announce Path of Exile 2, and the developer promised more updates On Path of Exile 2 and showed off Expansion 3.22 and brand-new info on Path of Exile Mobile. 

According to Grinding Gears Games, Path of Exile’s next expansion should launch in April, suggesting that the current Forbidden Sanctum challenge league will run even longer than usual. GGG clarifies that this is so they can experiment with some ideas for the impending expansion and have it go with their timing plans for ExileCon.

“We plan to launch our next Path of Exile expansion in early April. This means that The Forbidden Sanctum challenge league will be longer than normal. We are currently tinkering with a few ideas for some fun, low-key things we can do in the final month before the 3.21 launches, and we will let you know how those ideas shake out in the coming weeks. We have chosen this date so that we can make sure 3.21 gets all the development time it needs and that our release schedule for the year fits nicely alongside ExileCon and release dates of other games.”

You can look at the full details via the Path of Exile website

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