Path of Exile Clear Cache Button Added In The Latest Patch


Path of Exile Clear Cache Button Added In The Latest Patch.

The newest Path of Exile patch brought with it a “Clear Cache” button. The Devs at Grinding Gear Games conveyed to the community how it functions and why they made it in the first place.

The patch is patch 3.14.1d. The patch notes assert that,

  • The Path of Exile client will promptly utilize your system’s video memory more efficacious, which indicates that assets will remain rendered for much longer. This will occur in significantly fewer assets being visibly rendered throughout gameplay for systems with adequate video memory.
  • A Brand new ‘Clear Cache’ button in the settings. While they clear Path of Exile’s cache regularly, this button can be utilized on-demand to fix particular problems due to invalid files or if the cache becomes too big.

Also, since this is a restartless patch, you’ll have to reboot your client upon patching. Now about the Path of Exile Clear Cache button, as Grinding Gear Games explains,

“The ‘Clear Cache’ button will clear out several temporary storage locations that Path of Exile uses for things like downloaded images and graphics shaders. After clearing cached shaders, your client’s performance will be temporarily degraded while the client regenerates the shaders it needs. For this reason, we recommend only using ‘Clear Cache’ as a last resort when troubleshooting a crash or other graphical problem, or if the size of the caches has become a problem.”

They state that they’re currently observing the effects of this patch to spout any lingering problems. If you, by chance to encounter any crashes with Vulkan, try using DX11 and see what occurs with that API. You can take a look at the full explanation here.

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