Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Will Completely Change The Combat, Pushing Towards More Strategy And Less Reliance on Rotations

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Will Completely Change The Combat, Pushing Towards More Strategy And Less Reliance on Rotations.

MMOBEEP found that Pantheon Rise of the Fallen will be receiving some significant overhauls to its combat system, with associated changes in attributes, stats, class purpose and uniqueness, complexity, and more. In addition, the November Producers’ letter leans into more detail into what was previously referred to for technology and combat adjustments.

One of the fundamental points is that producers Chris Perkins and Adam Mostel stated in the letter that the combat changes are meant to make the final build much better and to rely less on rotations, with cooldowns and uptime presenting choices for you on your next move. Alternatively, they want to introduce more tactical decision-making, collaboration, resource organization and feel that the player is in control. 

Along with this, they have taken a look at abilities, conditioners, traits, stats, and how these changes itemization and progression. They want to ensure that you feel like you are making progress as you level up and that loot continues viable and relevant at all levels. The class is also valued because the characteristics of a class you want to play might not be so good with what you are going with. 

Lastly, the challenge in the game will also be changed. Both players and enemies will get their base traits improved as they grow levels. They want to level to sense like an accomplishment and like you’re evolving to meet the hurdle every time you get growing.

If you want more details on these changes, you can take a look at the entire letter.

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