Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Announces Pre-Alpha Will Happen Late January

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Announces Pre-Alpha Will Happen Late January.

MMOBEEP found out that Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s subsequent pre-alpha session has been revealed to be happening on January 28th and 29th. 

The team at Visionary Realms has come off a major 2022. They just covered 2022 in review, Citing several noteworthy milestones they could perform to overpower certain obstructions that were standing in the way of additional development.  

In the December producer’s letter, they declared that pre-alpha sessions would be held monthly beginning this month. This was made feasible because they deemed that the work in 2022 came to a point where the quantity of content currently in the build, performance, and improved stability after experimenting multiple times was in a position to have constant testing.

The remainder of January will also see multiple other events to anticipate. First, the next dev live stream will provide a view of what they will be working on and launching in 2023, which will happen on January 12th, and then another on January 19th with a discussion of fractures and atmospheres. Eventually, the January newsletter will be posted on January 26th, before the pre-alpha session. 

While the pre-alpha session will be quick, The development record and the many obstacles the team encountered comprising of building brand-new systems and various upgrades.

For more info, look at Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen official website.

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