Pantheon October Newsletter Showcases Updated Roadmap And News About The Transition To Open World

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon October Newsletter Showcases Updated Roadmap And News About The Transition To Open World.

MMOBEEP found that the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen October newsletter was just published. In the newsletter, the team talks about what’s happening with the game, the decision to make the game truly open-world, and the renewed roadmap.

In a recent stream, the Dev team unveiled that Pantheon would be utilizing brand new streaming tech to make the game a truly open-world experience. This tech disables the need for loading screens or queue times when exploring the world.

The team’s goal is to make the player have a much more immersive playthrough. While most in the player base were excited, some players were worried that the NPCs would act weirdly and most likely change how the game would feel. However, the October newsletter ensures the community that the brand new immersive Terminus will make the game feel right. The lack of loading screens could even open up more NPC interactions. Also, NPC combat awareness was just added, and they are taking feedback from players to see what they could improve with this feature.

Combat will also be getting a bunch of tweaks and a brand new standard. Nevertheless, the goal is to make combat more spontaneous and vary options flow greater.

As for the renewed roadmap, the October update reveals that all of the items will be put through a color-coded system, which tells you the progression of that item. There have also been some postponements to particular class launches, awaiting the network change. The team is also developing a brand new player experience. You can take a look at the complete list of what’s still-in-the-works on the Pantheon roadmap here.

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