Over 74,000 WoW Classic Accounts Banned For Botting

Over 74,000 WoW Classic accounts banned for botting. This news might come as a surprise for some people but not everyone playing WoW is doing it for the fun of a possibly a more extreme experience, some players are just cheaters.

The following Blizzard’s article on the WoW’s  forums says that  74,000 WoW accounts it “discovered to be in offense of the End-User License Agreement 28”– most of them for “using automated gameplay tools, usually to farm sources or kill enemies far more effective than normal players can.” In other words, bot users:

“Like you, we play World of Warcraft. We understand what it’s like to spot a player in-game who appears to be botting. We always want to eliminate the botting player, if it can be proved that they are indeed cheating. And that raises a big difficulty in addressing this issue – we have to prove to ourselves that the accused player is not a person who’s actually controlling a character with their hands on a keyboard. We use powerful systems to determine if the suspected player is using an identifiable cheat, and our heuristics (which we do not outline publicly) are constantly improving and evolving. But when we examine a suspect and these measurements aren’t out of line, we have to manually gather evidence against the accused player, which can be very time consuming and complex. It’s worthwhile though, because we never want to take action against a legitimate player.”

Blizzard appears to be linking these sorts of activities on RMT, though yes, those solutions exist because players buy from them, and people buy from them for lots of reasons commonly rooted in the game’s style itself, so it’s a little bit complicated than it appears.

“Real money trading drives third parties to put an enormous amount of effort into circumventing our detection systems”

“As much as this is a very high priority for us, it is the only priority for profit-driven botting organizations. The bans we issue are simply a cost of doing business for them.”

Is what the studio says.

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