Outriders Stability Improved Last Week As Devs Continue To Find And Fix Bugs


Outriders Stability Improved Last Week As Devs Continue To Find And Fix Bugs. 

MMOBEEP knows that since Outriders launched on all platforms on April Fool’s Day, the game has been troubled by server and connectivity issues that developer People Can Fly has been continuously working to address. While the issues continue to persevere, the situation has slightly improved over the weekend.

“Our servers are continuing to improve as the team is working hard to stabilize them in the long term,” reported the devs on Twitter this past Saturday.

Framerate stuttering still continues to be a problem on PC. Players on PC and consoles have reported getting stuck on the loading screen when joining a match or on the sign-in screen. Cross-platform play is also apparently still broken. The team is well-aware of the issues and has posted various workarounds and tips on the Outriders Twitter page that players can try while they work on a fix. Players can also check this Reddit thread for a list of discovered issues, workarounds, and essential links.

Despite the ongoing Outriders stability issues, the team reports that they hit their highest concurrent player record last Sunday. Stay ready for updates from the devs and news about the imminent patch.

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