Outriders Player Appreciation Package Was Re-Sent Again, This Time ‘There’s a Unique Legendary Waiting for You’


Outriders Player Appreciation Package Was Re-Sent Again, This Time ‘There’s a Unique Legendary Waiting for You .’

MMOBEEP found out that recently players in Outriders were unhappy that the appreciation package provided to them by People Can Fly already contained a Legendary Item that they already had, or in some instances, no Legendary Item at all. This last week, PCF has solved the situation by re-releasing the Outriders Player Appreciation Package, but players should get a Unique Legendary this time.

The Appreciation Package Re-Run will give players a brand new Unique God-Rolled Legendary that they didn’t have, in an annex to Titanium Resources and the Frustration Emote. The Appreciation Package was initially planned back in April. Unfortunately, the development team gave out the package for the problems on the game’s launch, consisting of an inventory wipe, stability problems, and an armor mitigation bug that made players get killed instantly.

Outriders have gotten some fame despite the problems, which led to Square-Enix’s choice to grow on the game further as its “next major franchise” in a statement back in May.

“SQUARE ENIX® announced today that OUTRIDERS®, the high-intensity RPG-Shooter where survival demands aggression, surpassed 3.5 million unique players worldwide in its first month (April 1 – May 1, 2021), according to internal data. With acclaim from both players and critics across the globe, OUTRIDERS is on track to become the company’s next major franchise.”

-Square Enix PR, via Square Enix NA Press Site.

The team at People Can Fly isn’t finished with Outriders either. Notwithstanding fixes coming out across all platforms, Outriders concurrent player numbers have declined 96% from their peak of 125,000 players back on April 4. Further balancing for underrated skills is being worked on, and more enjoyable multiplayer stability is still in the works. A comprehensive list of known problems is also being kept up to date on the Outriders Reddit. Surely, People Can Fly has more in store for the franchise apart from balancing, doubling legendary drop rates, and fixes to get some of those players back in the future.

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