Outriders New Horizon Update It’s Live Now While Full Expansion Plans Are For Next Year


Outriders New Horizon Update It’s Live Now While Full Expansion Plans Are For Next Year.

MMOBEEP found out that after a while, Outriders will be getting a brand new update tomorrow, and it will be making multiple adjustments to the game. 

Expeditions are the main focus of this update which makes them more inclusive and with much greater rewards. The adjustments made include the removal of Expedition timers. Before, Expeditions were on timers, and, the faster you finished, the better rewards you got. Unfortunately, these made players have to follow a particular build to get the best rewards, making expeditions less flexible and restricted based on the number of viable builds. Now, Expeditions will give you rewards as long as you complete them.

Rewards are also being adjusted. Since there are no more timers, Expeditions still have different difficulty levels, which will be more challenging than others. Because of this, they made so you get better rewards based on the difficulty. For example, finishing the Eye of the Storm Expedition after this brand-new update launches will give you one out of three legendary items only for finishing the mission. And everyone will be capable of obtaining a free legendary item throughout November.

Four brand new Expeditions will be coming game that allows you to traverse brand new zones on the planet, Enoch. First is the Molten Depths, which is open for all, with three others being available at challenge tiers 4, 8, and 12. 

There are also some balances applied to some skills and gear for all four Outriders classes, as well as a brand new transmogrification system that allows you to adjust the appearance of a piece of gear. 

Other additions include more control settings on the console and fully working cross-play for multiplayer, with more renewed matchmaking and AFK detection. 

For more detail of tomorrow’s update, take a look at this official announcement.

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