Outriders Matchmaking Region-Based Released In The Latest Patch In A Bid To Improve Connections


Outriders Matchmaking Region-Based Released In The Latest Patch In A Bid To Improve Connections.

MMOBEEP found out that a brand new update for Outriders has introduced region-based matchmaking to enhance connections and other updates.

The significant highlights from this update as follows:

  • Added a block that restricts players from removing players at the end of an expedition.
  • Added Region-Based Matchmaking to change the state of multiplayer.
  • Renewed the login sign-in text to indicate the current signing-in process step accurately.
  • Mended crash and memory leak problems.

This Outriders matchmaking update will conceivably fix connectivity problems that you’ve probably confronted throughout your time playing Outriders. The rest of the update talks about the progress towards the known problems, in addition to experimenting with Legendary drop rates to “make them less frustrating.”

Lastly, People Can Fly stated that they’re working on the Stadia variant of the game with many fixes, and stability updates are scheduled to come. Buffs are also being experimented with and will be discussed once the team has further information. Late last month, the team at People Can Fly talked about balancing and explained what was next. They stated,

“Regarding further balancing, we first want to see how things shake up regarding our latest patch, since damage mitigation issues or malfunctioning mods could push the meta in certain directions… not because something is unbalanced, but because players might not have been finding certain aspects of play reliable enough to use consistently. And yes, we’d want to focus primarily on buffs, not nerfs.”

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