Outriders Gave Additional Information For Future Demo Players


Outriders Gave Additional Information For Future Demo Players. 

MMOBEEP has found out that the Outriders demo is live today. Still, if you plan to play the demo, you might want to hear what Square Enix has to say. They’ve posted to their official Reddit and the Steam Forums to encourage players to report bugs and know what the team can and can’t deal with.

The support announcements store an abundance of knowledge and links so that players typically have a one-stop-shop for all of their Outriders demands. Some of the links bring players to Square Enix support. In contrast, others will link gamers to the Outriders status page to check if servers are online for enjoyable gameplay or multiplayer.

There are also links devoted to an Xbox One patch to be delivered early next week to improve multiplayer stability and address several bugs. The team is also upfront about what players can anticipate changing among the demo version they are playing now and what could conceivably be different at launch on April 1st:

What the team will be able to:

  • Address any bugs that are reported and that we can reproduce on our end. We aim to patch the demo to resolve significant issues, though this has to be carefully balanced with ensuring our full game launch stays on track.
  • Balance the game using player feedback and our own telemetry. Examples of this would include obviously unbalanced gear or skills or the extent of difficulty scaling within individual world tiers.

What the team will NOT be able to:

  • Implement new features or change features entirely based on the feedback coming out of the demo.

– Toby Palm, Senior Community Manager, Square Enix – Outriders

Those wondering, the demo for Outriders will be starting on February 25th and will continue even after the game’s launch on April 1st.

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