Outriders Demo Update Introduced Loot Drop Changes


Outriders Demo Update Introduced Loot Drop Changes. 

MMOBEEP found out that Outriders is quite popular ever since its demo was released at the end of last month. People Can Fly has recently updated the demo, releasing some brand new changes, including a controversial loot drop adjustment that the community didn’t appreciate.

The Outriders Demo update changes to looting drop were mainly about epic and legendary items received from chests. A shortlist of the original changes is below:

Adjustments to loot drops

  • Epic items will no longer show in shops and vendors (only for the demo).
  • Chests will not contain legendary items anymore.
  • Sidequest awards (on repeat runs) will now have a possibility to have legendary items.

According to the developers, a Lootcave, where players could obtain three chests and a store exploit, was assumed to be “not in the spirit of the game.” Alternatively, the team decided to push legendary and epic loot farming parties to introduce them upon completing all of the side quests.

On March 6th, however, a small backtrack happened when People Can Fly posted an edit, stating that, due to community feedback, the Gauss Boss Chest will remain to contain legendary items, as they acknowledge it like a boss encounter. While this singular chest will drop legendaries, the other chests will not. It was also said in the patch notes that quite a few of the demo patch changes are only meant for the demo, and players will likely see the game change later on.

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