Outriders Connectivity And Server Problems Plague Its Launch


Outriders Connectivity And Server Problems Plague Its Launch. 

MMOBEEP found out that many players on launch day can both be a blessing and a curse, and Outriders can attest to it. The game has been undergoing connectivity problems ever since day one, which seems to worsen each day.

Developer People Can Fly are trying to fix the problem and enhance Outriders connectivity, including taking the servers down for a short time to restore the server infrastructure before setting them back on again, a method that they called “the mother of all turn-it-off-and-on-again.”

The most up-to-date update is that the servers are back online except in the US to guarantee that login servers are not flooded with players. The team also reminded players that they might encounter intermittent connectivity issues during the morning as they do background server maintenance to increase server steadiness.

“As developers, who’ve been working super hard for the last 5 years to make this game awesome, we really hope that you will judge the game rather than those teething troubles related to server issues. It is frustrating for you, and it is frustrating for us,”

said Studio Head Sebastian Wojciechowski on Twitter.

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