Outriders Announce More Balancing In The Next Patch Together With Known Issues.


Outriders Announce More Balancing In The Next Patch Together With Known Issues.

MMOBEEP found out that Outriders’ latest Dev News post addresses balancing, the upcoming patch, and known problems with the players.

Balancing was a fundamental point in this post, with the community manager agreeing to have inscribed a 3400-word draft about balancing. Yet, as the Reddit post states, concerns about the wicked and ongoing inventory restoration and damage migration dilemmas.

But, a short sight into the balancing conference was given,

“Regarding further balancing, we first want to see how things shake up regarding our latest patch, since damage mitigation issues or malfunctioning mods could push the meta in certain directions… not because something is unbalanced, but because players might not have been finding certain aspects of play reliable enough to use consistently. And yes, we’d want to focus primarily on buffs, not nerfs.”

Concerning the following patch, it’s currently in experimentation. Patch notes aren’t ready just yet, but be on the outlook as they may be given sometime soon. A Player gratitude package was also included in that, and more data will be bestowed once a validated live date is decided.

Known problems were noted and involved griefers booting players at the end of Expeditions, sign-in difficulties, connectivity problems throughout multiplayer, crashes, and memory leaks. An extensive list of bugs was also involved. You can see the full post here.

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