Ottoman Theme For Conquerors Blades Season IV Is Coming Together With New Map Units And Emotes

Ottoman Themed For Conqueror’s Blades Season IV Is Coming Together With New Map Units And Emotes. 

MMOBEEP has heard that Season IV: Blood of the Empire for Conqueror’s Blade has begun, matching the Ottoman-inspired Anadolu Empire against the warlords of the realm.

Players can unlock four brand-new units and also do battle on two new maps the siege map of Reginopolis currently available. The land, as well as sea map, is coming Aug. 18, both of which are inspired by the battle for Constantinople between the Ottoman and also Byzantine Empires in 1453.

In addition to the new units as well as maps, players will have their first chance to make use of emotes in Conqueror’s Blade, with several being released for free. As well as excellent incentives on the Period Pass additionally, as befits an Ottoman-themed upgrade,  My.Games have revealed that Turkish language support would undoubtedly be coming to the game on Aug. 4.

Get more info about Season IV on the Conqueror’s Blade main website.

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