Old School RuneScape, A Kingdom Divided Questline, Released In Preparation For The Upcoming Great Kourend storyline


Old School RuneScape, A Kingdom Divided Questline, Released In Preparation For The Upcoming Great Kourend storyline.

MMOBEEP found out that Old School RuneScape has launched its 150th quest starring the upcoming chapter of the Great Kourend storyline with the announcement of “A Kingdom Divided.” 

The questline brings brand new rewards in the form of quest points, 26 new Arceuus spells, a 10,000 XP lamp, 60 extra Kharedst’s Memoirs charges, and a brand new Kourend Castle respawn point.

“In A Kingdom Divided, players go behind the Kingdom of Great Kourend’s façade of peace and prosperity to unravel allegations of corruption at the heart of the ruling Kourend Council. However, the Council’s political games are not the only thing players have to contend with. There’s also a deeper conspiracy, hundreds of years in the making, and a darker power is now gathering in the kingdom – one that could change the face of Gielinor forever.”

“We first announced this quest back at RuneFest 2019, but for me, the journey has been much longer,” said Mod Ed. “I wrote the first draft of A Kingdom Divided back in mid-2017, alongside drafts for the five Kourend house quests. So after four years of waiting, it’s a joy to share this story with you all finally. I hope you enjoy it as much as the team and I enjoyed creating it.”

Jagex also published a hotfix soon after the update’s release to resolve login problems, complete certain PvP worlds, and rotate in the new ones. The full release notes can be located on the RuneScape official site. You can also take a look at the official update trailer down below.

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