New World Windsward Preview Showcased In Touring Aeternum Video Series


New World Windsward Preview Showcased In Touring Aeternum Video Series.

MMOBEEP found out that New World’s beta is coming soon, and Amazon Game Studios is keen to reveal various locations in the game in their brand new Touring Aeternum video series. First is Windsward, a prosperous region found in the south of Aeternum.

Windsward Town is the main hamlet and is found in the region’s center with a little river flowing. The small town is residence to many NPCs and houses a forge and outfitting service where players can make weapons and gear that they’ll utilize when out adventuring past the safety of the town’s barriers.

The Amrine Temple, a vast walled building, made by the ancients, is found north of the town with Several treasures and awards await adventurers who are powerful enough to go against the hazards within. The temple is one of the title’s Expeditions, New World’s variant of group dungeons.

To the northwest is where you can find Windsward Fort. Where factions battle it out for supremacy of the whole region. The main gate is heavily fortified with cannons, repeaters, and ballista turrets. However, the rear of the fort has less protection and has a few hidden entryways that small clubs of attackers can use to enter the fort.

The full video also includes some of the enemy creatures and Corrupted that players will face in the New World Windsward region. 

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