New World Update Fixes Several Bugs While Patching Exploits And Adding Restrictions To Combat Gold Sellers


New World Update Fixes Several Bugs While Patching Exploits And Adding Restrictions To Combat Gold Sellers.

MMOBEEP found that the newest New World Update includes many bug fixes, including restricting some exploits and clearing out gold sellers, tweaks to combat, patches for Outpost Rush, and more.

Amazon proceeds to work on fixing the glitches and exploits players are experiencing. They’ve taken multiple measures to stop coin sellers, coin sale spam, and botting. Some of the brand new tweaks are limitations that prevent player dealing and money transfer from characters below level 10 or brand new accounts that are not at least 72 hours old. Coin value has also been lowered in some earlier quests to increase more throughout the main storyline. The reward will stay the same, but it’s brought more later to stop early hoarding. 

This Update also patches out a few exploits, one where players could replicate items through storage sheds and crafting and a problem of gold replication by territory projects. 

Other tweaks to Outpost Rush address problems like players going out of the beginning Fort much earlier, interacting with the altar concurrently and obtaining many tokens, battle bread being more effective than intended, and more. Combat fixes consist of deducting the price of attribute respec, tools, and weapon proficiency respec. They’ve also decreased the coin and Azoth grants for the team that lost in Outpost Rush to spur engagement.

Additional bug fixes patch problems like players being stuck when fishing and players losing houses during maintenance. In addition, Amazon ensures that players struck by this bug will be compensated in the future.

For a more in-depth dive into the Update, take a look at the official patch notes.

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