New World Team Talks About Reworking Bosses, From less Narrative to more Mechanics

New World

New World Team Talks About Reworking Bosses, From less Narrative to more Mechanics.

MMOBEEP found out that New World’s newest Forged in Aeternum video shows the dev team talking about boss design (how they create concepts, mechanics, and tell tales through boss design).

AI Lead Chad Redwitz explains the process from start to finish. First, they confer with the narrative team to deduce how they want to progress the story via an encounter. Once that has been dealt with, the team has to deduce the overall scheme of the boss and think about the mechanics, followed by visualizing the roles and how long it might take to beat the boss.

Even though the best concept might not work out in testing, that is when the refinement process begins.

Still, one of the most amazing experiences you can have is bringing down a challenging boss with your group. This could suggest taking on a dungeon with your friends or guild to raid. Eventually, these mechanics grow the story and history of the world itself.

AI designer Patrick Smedley furthers the talk by going over his piece on the newest addition of the Goliaths of the Ennead in the expedition added with Brimstone Sands. This aids in showing some of the past points made in the how-to process. But eventually, not only are they trying to tell a tale, but they’re attempting to make a fun experience. 

Another point in the conversation is whether the team wishes to update or revitalize legacy bosses. Again, there is something to looking over older stuff to think about what you’d modify after the community has had a long time to get acquainted with it.

Watch the complete video above and then take a look at New World.

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