New World Server Transfers Have Been Delayed Till Next Week. Amazon Cites A Desire To Not Disrupt The Players


New World Server Transfers Have Been Delayed Till Next Week. Amazon Cites A Desire To Not Disrupt The Players.

MMOBEEP found that the thousands of players that are waiting to shift over to another server where their friends or guild is currently playing on in New World, you’ll sadly have to wait a tad bit longer. Amazon stated last Friday that the choice to linger the service was due to the studio not wanting to disrupt the game’s “peak play period.”

The announcement is in the forums where New World developer Kay described why they made that decision. Server transfers have been in development ever since the MMO was launched about three weeks ago. It rose at about 900K players concurrently working to traverse Aeternum. Several of said players were stuck in long queues. The server transfers were already confirmed to be accessible to each player who desires to transfer to a different server for whatever reason. The common one is to be on the same server as their friend group.

“We have the final pieces of the server transfer system tested and ready to go, but we are making a difficult decision to hold it until next week,” New World developer Kay said in the game’s official forums. “This was a balance call between honoring a date we told you to expect versus the disruption of a deployment during a peak play period (the weekend).”

Based on Amazon’s announcement, the server transfer process was being developed “non-stop every day,” though with the weekend coming close when most players are playing, the team didn’t want to announce any downtimes.

No specific date was provided for next week, and we also don’t have a clear conception of how server transfers will work. Still, in the post, the dev team states that there will be “several communications” concerning how the transfers will release and what they are referring to as a deep dive into what the dev team has learned these past few weeks.

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