New World Preview Event Will Launch Next Week With A New Game Client

New World Preview Event Will Launch Next Week With A New Game Client. 

MMOBEEP found out that the New World Preview starts next week. Amazon Games have revealed the event’s details, but what we do know is that it will not be happening on the Confidential Test server.we will also keep you informed of the upcoming preview event.

“In an effort to reduce confusion, we want to let you know that the Preview event will not be taking place on the New World Confidential Test game client,” says Amazon. “Today you may receive a notification that an update is available for that client, but you can uninstall and remove that client from your Game Library as it will not be playable. We will revoke access to the New World Confidential Test client [on August 20, 2020] but this is unrelated to your access to the Preview event. If you are eligible for Preview you will receive an invite to a new client, New World Preview, which is where the upcoming event will take place.”

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