New World Is Ready For Its Preview Event Next Week

New World Is Ready For Its Preview Event Next Week. 

MMOBEEP heard that New World fans are eagerly waiting for the guaranteed preview event launching on August 25th, which will certainly allow all the people who’ve enrolled in the beta, took part in past alphas or pre-ordered the video game. August 25th, naturally, was meant to be the game’s launch date. However, Amazon delayed the game right into spring, opting to run even more tests as well as continue developing the game instead.

We do not have all of the details for this event yet, as Amazon is guaranteeing more “later this week.” However, we do know that the Studio is including servers for the South America and Asia Pacific areas and that it’ll reveal the game’s content creator program.

Also, player progress from the Density test last month will be wiped, so everyone will have to start again. And also, we know that this beta will run for only a “Limited Time” don’t be expecting to play until launch day.

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