New World Into the Void November Update Introduces The Void Gauntlet, New Enemies, And A Lot Off AI And Quests Fixes

New World Into the Void

New World Into the Void November Update Introduces The Void Gauntlet, New Enemies, And A Lot Off AI And Quests Fixes.

MMOBEEP found that New World’s November update, Into the Void, has just recently arrived, and it includes things like the Void Gauntlet, brand new foes, a few fixes and updates, and brand new quest content and AI developments. This is a huge update that includes many fixes and tweaks, both functional and aesthetic. In addition, there are also some brand new adjustments made to help settle the economy and improve its stability.

The first significant addition is the Void Gauntlet, the first weapon that surmounts intelligence and focus and is made explicitly for magical damage and support. For those who want to use Void magic, you can comprehend two trees, Annihilation, which centers on improving close-range damage, and Decay, which allows you to heal and debuff at range. These trees utilize Void Gauntlet in various methods. Overall, the versatility can benefit a group with someone rocking a void gauntlet build as they will have DPS and support allies.

There are also brand new enemies in the game, the Varangians. These knights are plundering in the southeast region of Aeternum in search of artifacts to increase their lord’s strength in conquest. It brings in a brand new piece of lore and some brand new enemies to fight.

In this update, Amazon also fixed a bug that allowed people to become invincible throughout duels. All trading posts have now been linked, and the taxes will be reimbursed to the territory where the purchase was listed. In addition, listing trades have now been limited to a maximum of 14 days.

Take a look at the full patch notes for more info.

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