New World Interactive Map And Aeternum Can Be Checked Out During This Weekend Beta


New World Interactive Map And Aeternum Can Be Checked Out During This Weekend Beta.

MMOBEEP found out that Amazon’s New World Open Beta has just started, and the Team at Amazon has designed its very own interactive map of Aeternum to guide players and to adequately familiarize themselves within the world throughout the test this weekend.

The map itself invokes the Age of Exploration method the game has been focusing on. The map immerses the player as you unlock more of the map itself when you start to discover New World’s various places, points of interest, and more.

Clicking on the point of interest presents a sidebar that provides context regarding the location, like Deadman’s Cove. Surprisingly, some locations will even open up a YouTube video giving more information, for example, the hamlet of Windsward.

One feature that’s missing from the map itself is marks of where particular resources are. Nevertheless, the interactive map is an excellent mechanic/feature that helps players familiarize themselves with New World throughout the test and use it as a reference when the MMO releases sometime this month.

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