New World First Patch Touches Capacity While Introducing Some Bugs Fixes


New World First Patch Touches Capacity While Introducing Some Bugs Fixes.

MMOBEEP found that New World got its first update yesterday, and the center of the update is on fixes and making it easier to access the game. Sadly, the assured server transfers are not included in this update.

Updates regarding server queues and access are essential, with server transfers set to “be available soon.” Though the team initially said that they arrive sometime this week, there’s no specific date yet. 

Making it so it’s much easier for players to get in is their primary focus. Amazon increased the number of servers to satisfy prominent players, but the improvements arriving with this patch will likewise help.

There is also info on the brand new AFK protection rules that will aid with capacity by kicking out those logged-in characters being AFK for a while. Those brand new measures involve changing the AFK detection so players can’t fake mouse movement to be “active.”

 The AFK alert has also been changed from 20 minutes to 15, meaning you will now be disconnected at 20 minutes instead of the old 25 minutes. Nevertheless, it still provides players that might be AFK cause they had to do something fair to continue playing and hurry things along if they’re using up a slot another player could be using. 

There’s also a brand new confirmation check helps players leave the server on accident and instead will get a confirmation check to confirm their decision.

Other things included in this update comprise multiple quality of life changes, quest bugs, and AI flaws. Among them, issues with world interaction, broken animations, game crashing with Twitch integration, disappearing text, and some interactions don’t do anything.

But, Amazon seems to be approaching these issues slowly and are not rushing it. So, server transfers will still arrive, but we still don’t have much info on them.

Given the server requirements and the number of people who want to connect to servers, either their friends or guilds might be playing on. See the patch notes here for more info.

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