New World Fashion Video Reveals Armor Sets Via In-Game Footage


New World Fashion Video Reveals Armor Sets Via In-Game Footage.

MMOBEEP found out that Amazon is ramping up its PR before New World’s launch this August, this time unveiling some of the armor you can obtain in-game.

The short video was published on their official Twitter (and YouTube). The vid shows off several armors sets obtainable to players in New World. The video, themed on a New World fashion show, sees NPC’s walk the runway, unveiling the various styles themselves with an upbeat observer.

The varied styles on display include showing off the Corrupted. It’s an exciting mix of armor styles to show off some styles are inspired directly by the world and enemies players will face throughout their adventure.

The Twitter post and YouTube description emphasize that every piece of armor on the show can be obtained while playing in-game, though stops short of stating whether these will also be on the contentious in-game store. We already know that there will be a cash shop in New World, and the team has emphasized that while boosters and convenience items will come to New World, the shop at launch will only contain cosmetic items.

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