New World Devblog Talks About Making the Fire Storm Heartrune, and Why its Different

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New World Devblog Talks About Making the Fire Storm Heartrune, and Why its Different.

MMOBEEP found out that New World’s first Brand-new season, Fellowship & Fire, will be out on March 28th. One of the Brand-new mechanics in the update is the Brand-new Fire Storm Heartrune. A Brand-new preview that talks about creating the Brand-new Heartrune, its role, and the purposes behind this Brand-new option.

Fellowship & Fire is the name–and theme–of this first season, so the Fire Storm Heartrune fits directly into that. Combat Designer Josh Hurley states the team took motivation from the Empyrean Forge Expedition and went with that, tilting into the fire theme. Initially, they peeked at the enemies in the expedition to check if something they did could act as the foundation for the Heartune, but “the enemy attacks weren’t exactly what we were going for or felt too similar to attacks or abilities that players could already do, so we leaned into coming up with something a bit more unique while utilizing the theme of fire.”

The notion of “fire bending” thus evolved their jumping-off point.

Heartrunes are themed, so Fire was already established. Next, they had to Extrapolate out what roles were coated with the current Heartrunes in the game and then catch what they could do differently within the fire theme. Since this one is launching with a Brand-new seasonal model and not just a brief event or a Brand-new AI boss, this also influenced the design.

When it arrived to goals and finding a spot for the Fire Storm Heartrune to occupy, they made it around a close-mid-ranged situation. These situations could suggest using this Heartrune as a tool for engagement or tossing toward a fleeing enemy. 

Fire Storm will observe the terrain since it is the game’s slowest projectile. Unfortunately, the sluggish nature meant it crashed with objects worldwide, so the team required a solution. “If you casted it too high or on a downward slant, it would float off into the air, or if you casted it too low or uphill, it would collide with the ground and end early. ” Hurley counts that letting a projectile to keep a set distance from the ground was a complete game changer for the development,” Hurley states.

Read the full dev blog at New World.

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