New World Density Test Has Ended The Community Was Very Impressed

New World Density Test Has Ended The Community Was very Impressed. 

MMOBEEP found out that with all the activity about Amazon’s New World these days, you would not assume that the approaching MMORPG has been entirely delayed into 2021. last weekend, the studio ran a Density test to prepare the web servers for the assured pre-order sneak peek that’s coming later this month. Said density test has currently concluded.

Also, while an NDA was surrounding the test, well, you understand how players are. Players are going to speak, NDA or no, and even social media sites contain impressions made public anyway.

“After playing for a little bit I can say I see why it is being delayed,” one person said on Twitter. “Has some really good fun things about it so far, but also a lot of stuff that can be improved.”

“It’s a great mix of several MMORPGs that captures the genre very well,” one Redditer noted. Another said that the PvE questing needed a lot of work, but that “the core game is really good.” The combat system was mentioned as a “step backward,” and PvP was frequently singled out as needing improvement.

There were also a lot of positive reports regarding the possibility of New World: “I went in expecting the game to be a mess since it was delayed for almost one year. I played 24 hours over the weekend and stayed up until 3 am my time to interact and watch the servers close. VERY impressed with the game so far.”

So far, everyone thinks that it was a good idea to delay the game to allow more modifications and details to be added.

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