New World Alpha Update Enhances Quest System And Adds Voice-Overs


New World Alpha Update Enhances Quest System And Adds Voice-Overs. 

MMOBEEP found out that ever since New World has gone away from becoming a hardcore full-loot PvP game, Amazon Game Studios has changed their focus to creating the game’s quest system as immersive as probable while ensuring that players will never find themselves out of things to do. The dev team’s newest newsletter discusses the improvements they’ve added to the game’s quest system in this month’s New World Alpha update.

“Quests are the backbone of New World’s narrative experience. Through them, you will explore the world, gain experience, acquire critical items, upgrade your gear, and progress your character. Armed with your feedback, we have been consistently making improvements to our questing system and will continue to make changes as we head toward launch and beyond.”

The developers lately assigned some enhancements to the starting experience’s progress and flow of the early main story quests. They also remade some quests beyond multiple zones for better story flow. Many of the average looting quests have been changed with custom usable items unique to a particular quest. NPC dialog has also been updated, and voiceovers have been included in main story quests to make the characters feel more alive.

“In future updates, we will continue to build out the MSQ by adding narrative-driven climatic events through level 60,” promised the devs. “These will introduce new enemies, unique objectives to continue to improve quest variety, and brand new stories for the players to experience on their quest to learn the secrets of Aeternum.”

In the meantime, you may take a look at a sample of the newly-added voices in the video listed below. You may additionally check out the New World official site for more information.

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