New Interesting Facts About New World Aeternum for National Trivia Day


New Interesting Facts About New World Aeternum for National Trivia Day.

MMOBEEP learned that Amazon Game Studios have published some facts about the New World Aeternum land for National Trivia Day, examining the lore of the New World. The points differ from the insightful to the spooky and, hopefully, attract players to associate with more of the upcoming MMO story side.

The tweet from the official New World account presents facts about the New World that have some spooky implications that players will unveil when traveling throughout the world. One example is that the Brightest Cemetery no longer has bodies buried there, and it will undoubtedly be an exciting and dangerous time, exploring the reasons that may be.

New World recently had a December Alpha Update, which is part of several monthly updates on their development throughout alpha. They look to shift into their beta phase sometime this year.

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