New Dune Spice Wars Update Makes the Overall Game Experience Better

Dune Spice Wars

New Dune Spice Wars Update Makes the Overall Game Experience Better.

MMOBEEP has found out that Shiro Games and Funcom’s strategy title, Dune Spice Wars, has received a new update, Line in the Sand, Adding some needed balance changes, AI modifications, end-of-game stats, and a lot more. 

Founded on Frank Herbert’s Dune series, the title is one of the many Dune games in the works from Funcom. Since recently becoming Early Access, the team has brought over a new faction, new regions, new buildings, flying units, and multiplayer. However, line in the Sand persists with a mix of brand-new content and mechanics and fixes and balance tweaks. Units have been revamped in the update, and AI has been enhanced across the game for the military and other features. One addition is that Fremen AI can now utilize Worm Riding. Also, anticipate brand-new gear, with five brand-new options consisting of dual swords and mounted explosives.

The map generation and starting spawns are also being revamped and designed for fairer (and more varied) starts. To go along with this, the brand-new Landsraad bar will display the phases of the landscaped systems at work, which should aid in tracking and make playing a round easier to comprehend, and an end-of-game stats board to analyze post-game how you did.

There are two brand-new regions, Space Cruiser Wreck and Mountains, and some brand-new village attributes to add variety. In addition, the update has multiple balance changes, from how Hegemony is earned, modifications to diplomacy, and revamping some aspects of the Landsraad and Councilors themselves. 

With Early Access, much can, and often does, alter over the remaining development phases. Dune: Spice Wars is no exception. This update has multiple reworks and balances to quality-of-life modifications and UI tweaks. 

You can look at the full details over at Dune: Spice Wars.

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