Neverwinter Wonders of Gond Event Returns On May 27


Neverwinter Wonders of Gond Event Returns On May 27.

MMOBEEP found out that the Wonders of Gond event is currently live in NeverwinterFor those who aren’t familiar, the Neverwinter Wonders of Grond event makes players find Wondrous Grommets, Wondrous Cogs, Wondrous Sprockets, Wondrous Gadgets, and Clockwork Gadgets which can be obtained from killing enemies. Utilizing the game’s refinement scheme, players can consolidate them into Doohickeys or Wondrous Doohickeys. 

The more complex the monsters are, the more probable rare resources will drop. Once players have the appropriate tier of Doohickeys, they can be applied to obtain a Creations of Wonder pack that includes a chance of obtaining several rewards like mechanical mounts, cosmetics, pets, or refinement elements. The event runs throughout Thursday, May 27th, and Thursday, June 3rd.

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