Neverwinter Returns To Sharandar In Its Next Expansion


MMOBEEP knows that it’s been a while since Neverwinter players last traveled the lands of Sharandar, and it appears it’s time to return.

Nevertheless, things won’t be likewise as when they were last time. On February 9, PC players will be going back to the region through the Sharandar expansion. (Console players will gain access on March 9.) This development adds three new chapters to the game, each adding new features to Sharandar.

The expansion will start with the first of the three episodes, The Iron Tooth. Players will begin the new experience to examine the disappearance of an elven dignitary, which compels them to visit the Ruins of Malabog. This is part of a bigger story in which Feywild and the stronghold of Sharandar are overwhelmed by darkness. At the same time, being tormented by creatures willing to kill anyone who invades the land.

In addition to the brand-new story content, the update will introduce several changes to the region, such as a visual rework. It also adds a new social center, end-game dungeon, and more. Not everything will come at once as two other episodes will be added at later dates.

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