Neverwinter Hell Pit will reopen for the PC players on April 29


Neverwinter Hell Pit will reopen for the PC players on April 29.

MMOBEEP found out that Neverwinter is on the brink of war, and the legions of hell are recruiting strong souls to join their ranks. It appears to be a good time to soften up their ranks in the Hell Pit event, which is recurring on Thursday, April 29th, until Thursday, May 20th.

For those who weren’t able to participate the last time this event occurred, the Neverwinter Hell Pit challenges players to withstand waves of enemies in arena combat, letting them try as many times as they like. Still, you can only survive it only once per day per account. Every seven successes increase the Pit’s difficulty and the rewards, eventually leading to a confrontation with the Pit Champion. You have to be at least level 80, and an item level of 18,000 is needed to access the Pit, though characters at 20,000 item level and beyond will be balanced.

About those bonuses, players can gather in different Tokens that can be utilized at various vendors. The first 14 days of the event will allow players to obtain Tokens of Achievement that can be utilized to buy things like a Golden Warhorse while playing the event. After the first 14 days, players with Tokens of Challenge will reward players who can be used on things like overload enchants and participating in the event needs Tokens of Participation, which are utilized to buy different enhancement items. You can read more about this in the announcement post.

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