Neverwinter Echoes of Prophecy Final Milestone Has You Fighting The Cult of the Dragon

Neverwinter Echoes of Prophecy

Neverwinter Echoes of Prophecy Final Milestone Has You Fighting The Cult of the Dragon.

MMOBEEP found that Neverwinter is commemorating its third milestone of The Echoes of Prophecy campaign, Battle Pass, which began yesterday throughout all platforms. 

This brand new milestone is the last update and concludes the Echoes of Prophecy campaign. So, if you’ve been playing along and collecting your rewards along the way, you’ll be ready for the finale, which is to stop cult’s plans before they are completed. 

The year-end content will be heading into the next module for Neverwinter that is estimated to debut in January. Those who finish the campaign will be given a small teaser on what’s coming in the next campaign.

Those who haven’t played the campaign have until January 10th to complete the last milestone, but the premium pass owners can get all the rewards and complete the campaign by April 30th. If you want to skip any milestone content, you can use Zen, depending on how much milestone content is left.

Of course, you can get rewards throughout all the milestone content, comprising of a Legendary Mount Choice pack and the lion vanity pet. These can be obtained via repeatedly logging in during the month and finishing some repeatable quests. You’ll also be able to get campaign currency through the main storyline quests, random dungeon queues, and weekly Legacy quests. You can complete them for some rewards in the campaign piece of your journal. If you have the premium battle pass, you’ll also be able to obtain a few additional bonuses like the Vanity Barded Neverwintan lion.

 More info on the milestone campaign and the Echoes of Prophecy announcement over at Neverwinter’s official site.

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