Neverwinter Combat System Reworked, Including New Interesting Changes


Neverwinter Combat System Reworked, Including New Interesting Changes.

MMOBEEP found out that combat in Neverwinter would be reworked, while most players say that this combat rework is crucial to be done correctly due to how fun the old combat system was. 

Neverwinter Combat System Reworked by Cryptic brings a bunch of combat improvements that are currently in development. These are not small tweaks because the studio said that this rework’s goal is to apply a seamless and smooth scaling to make combat ratings much easier to understand. It improves the accuracy of item ratings, making it much more straightforward for players to gear up, and offers both creative and end game choices.

“We also wanted to leave players plenty of avenues to customize their characters as well as fine-tune their stats to optimize their builds,” the studio said. “We needed to be careful with our changes to gearing up to not remove this element of the game from our most dedicated players.”

The combat rework is currently on the test server, and you can check out this massive pile of changes and adjustments of this rework in this dev blog.

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