Neverwinter 8th Anniversary Will Be Celebrated During Protector’s Jubilee Annual Event


Neverwinter 8th Anniversary Will Be Celebrated During Protector’s Jubilee Annual Event.

MMOBEEP found out that Neverwinter is commemorating its 8th anniversary this month with the appearance of The Protector’s Jubilee. It commemorates the city and its citizen’s defense against its many enemies in the past. The event begins later this week on Thursday, June 17, at 7:30 am PT and will be live until next Thursday, June 24, at 7:30 am PT.

“The residents of Neverwinter are celebrating eight years of not being razed to the ground by rampaging orcs, torched by marauding dragons, or devoured by hungry demons! It’s time for the Protector’s Jubilee!

The Protector’s Jubilee is Neverwinter’s big anniversary event when the city is decked in bunting and confetti floats on the breeze. At the same time, performers juggle and breathe fire on the city streets. The doors to the richly decorated Protector’s Garden will open to all visitors during the event, but after the festivities, only those who have redeemed a Garden Key may enter.”

Throughout the Neverwinter 8th anniversary Protector’s Jubilee event, players will have the opportunity to obtain rewards that they have previously missed and some brand new ones. The rewards will be consisting of brand new fashion sets, the Luminous Shade vanity pet, Weapons of the Fey transmutes, the Cyclops War Drummer Companion, and the Throne of the Archfey.

More info about the event can be located on the Neverwinter official site.

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