Muck, The New Open-World Survival Game, Seems To Be Pretty Popular


Muck, The New Open-World Survival Game, Seems To Be Pretty Popular.

MMOBEEP found out that it seems like the milk-loving dev Dani has published another game called Muck, and it’s free. Players can play it alone or with friends, gathering resources, making tools, and building a place to keep sheltered from the creatures that wander at night.

The game, which was released on June 5th, is quite popular. It holds over 16k ratings, and the ratings are “overwhelmingly positive.” That’s great because the game allows PvP and co-op alternatives, so there are lots to play around with. Muck is currently only on  Steam.

If you’re questioning why the game is viral, because it’s a meme, that’s all. Dani being never backing down from a challenge, made the game because of a commenter who told them they couldn’t do it. So, he did, although he did do a bit of yoinking.

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