Mortal Online Releases May-June Roadmap and FAQ

Mortal Online 2 developer Star Vault has just released an FAQ and has just published a short term May-June development roadmap for the impending sandbox MMO which is presently in closed combat alpha Testing, MMOBEEP will try to summarize it.

“Mortal Online 2 is a believable open world, full pvp, full loot first person sandbox mmorpg in a fantasy setting. In MO2, you don’t do quests to level and grind items to beat the next boss. You are one of the players that create most of the ingame content with deep crafting systems.
Everything you see on a npc or other player you can craft or discover in the game world. There are no levels, but a huge skill tree to learn various things such as taming, combat, magic, building, farming,
riding, crafting, alchemy, breeding and so on, the list is enormous This list will grow over time as it’s the players that are the main content of Mortal Online, we supply the tools and the sand for the players to be creative and explore the game world called Nave.”

According to the info that the devs gave released in the FAQ, the game will be coming out prior to the end of the year on Steam and will receive frequent updates after it launches.

“The game will start with an alpha that leads into beta and eventually releases in what we call persistent state. This means the server won’t be reset anymore and players can start to play the game for real. This is our release of the game, it will have its core features set and will continue to get more features over time.”

When it comes to the developers plans for the following two months, the Celebrity Vault guarantees brand-new battle input and also a forecast, a brand-new sky system, a day/night cycle, new armor, as well as Hammer weapons will arrive in May, then after that, we have Human female avatars, beards, Human Gifts, world development, and also skills in June. The developers are additionally working at a new city, enemy AI, creatures, dungeons, shields, spears, as well as a new race called Thursars.

You can see the May-June development roadmap down below. You can also check out the Mortal Online 2 FAQ for more details.

Mortal Online May June Roadmap Faq
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