Mortal Online 2 Release Date Changed to January 2022 While Early Access Was Canceled


Mortal Online 2 Release Date Changed to January 2022 While Early Access Was Canceled.

MMOBEEP found that Mortal Online 2, initially set to launch the following month, will be released on January 25th. Unfortunately, the team has not only delayed the final release, but due to increased development time, they’re also stopping the early access.

In the announcement addressing the decision to delay, the dev team acknowledges that delays are annoying. Still, the choice was compelled to delay the launch to use more time to fix any bugs remaining in the game before launch. In addition, the team says that it ultimately became apparent that the time will provide the opportunity to add some extra features that would have been included in a post-launch update. 

The team recently got some more community feedback and technical data from the recent stress test sometime this month. It’s unknown if the data from this stress test was the reason for the delay, but it doesn’t matter as long as the game is properly polished.

So the delay will hopefully fix some crucial and minor bugs and implement the finishing touches with the update fixed for a couple of months. So rather than an early access period, they assert that waiting rather than doing early access they think will be more worth it in the end. 

Mortal Online 2 will still have its closed beta (no subscription needed) through the brand new release date. Anyone who wants to test the game out more early will be capable of getting access by buying a beta package on the Mortal Online 2 site or the Steam preorder package coming soon. 

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