Mortal Online 2 New Roadmap Advertised While Answering Questions About Crafting, Combat, And Player Politics


Mortal Online 2 New Roadmap Advertised While Answering Questions About Crafting, Combat, And Player Politics.

MMOBEEP found out that the team at Mortal Online 2 has been pretty busy recently as YouTuber Wolfszeit had published three Q&A videos during the near end of June with Star Vault CEO Henrik Nyström answering a few questions within a wide range of topics. Here are some highlights:

  • The devs will be changing its nation standings system to become more stable, which is meant to balance gaining and losing standing and produce more meaningful assignments for a nation that will change the game overall.
  • There are a bunch of crafting updates of note, comprising of a fletcher skill that allows players to create arrows and the capability to enchant armor with magic resistance, while cooking will probably not see many enhancements besides for buffed up food effects.
  • Combat, Nyström states that they are working on blunt damage and dismounting players; special abilities for every weapon type such as a spear stand for polearms, a backstab for daggers, or a dual strike for dual-wielded weapons; and the capability to manage mounts to charge.
  • Lastly, Nyström states that the devs will closely observe player politics because it provides an insight into the player’s preferences. They will not engage in player politics.

In relevant MO2 news, the devs have published a Mortal Online 2 new roadmap for upcoming updates in the following two months. July will bring things like fauna, combat balancing, and client settings, while August will be getting the addition of brand new armors, weapons, the Spiritism magic school, and horse armors, and a brand new city, amongst other things. Other in-development mechanics consisting of thievery, basic housing and keeps, roleplay support features, and fishing.

On the topic of magic schools, there’s a player poll online where fans can pick the very next magic school to be brought to the game, along with info on what per school is offering.

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