Mortal Online 2 mounted combat was released along with Easy Anti-Cheat software


Mortal Online 2 mounted combat was released along with Easy Anti-Cheat software.

MMOBEEP found out that Mortal Online 2 has published some brand new patch notes, which has brought a ton of brand new features and improvements to Mortal Online 2.

The patch has introduced Mortal Online 2 mounted combat and added Easy Anti-Cheat software (and prevents the game from starting without it), many more points of interest to the game, and a brand new update to Kranesh brand new Cave Camp.

 A bunch of fixes and improvements involve decreased stamina costs for one-handed weapons, server optimizations for mounted players, and AI attacks giving buffs or debuffs, and more such as :

  • Update pet follows code to make it stop following you when it’s much closer.
  • Pets now log out when you log out.
  • Vendors who only buy certain items now show in the UI what they are interested in.
  • Removed the toggle guild affiliation option.
  • AI now supports AOE attacks.
  • AI now supports looping attacks.
  • Depending on their weapons, AI now decides if they should come closer to their target or stay put and use ranged weapons.
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