Month To Month  Stats By Registering For the Brand New ArcheAge Newsletter

Month To Month  Stats By Registering For the Brand New ArcheAge Newsletter.  

MMOBEEP heard that if you are a type of player that wants to know how many Monsters and players they’ve have killed in a month, then you might be interested in registering for the brand-new ArcheAge newsletter. You can log into the brand-new feature using the Glyph Website.

“Adventurer! Ever wondered throughout the month how many enemies you’ve defeated, players bested you in PvP battles, gold you’ve accumulated, and more? Now, the guessing game is over! From this month onwards, we’re creating a Monthly Progression newsletter that shows you these stats and more on your main character’s activity!”

As soon as you have registered for the stats, you’ll immediately see the month-to-month stats for your primary character. It includes just how much gold you got, how many enemies you’ve killed, and also the number of times you obtained “massacred” in PvP, among others. Bear in mind that “primary character” means the most dynamic character in that specific month. The counter is available for ArcheAge characters only, so it doesn’t currently support ArcheAge: Unchained accounts.

Head over to the ArcheAge website to find out more.

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